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Zayn Venture Capital (Zayn.VC) invests in leading Pakistani start-ups creating transformative technology-backed companies across the country... . We focus on early-stage companies and are sector agnostic, having investing in industries including fintech, e-commerce, and logistics.

We espouse the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, rooted in our unwavering commitment to driving sustainable, long-term success for our investors.

Our seasoned team of investors is well-versed in navigating the complex nuances and intricacies of the early-stage investing landscape, empowering startups with the tools they need to achieve their objectives.

Unlocking Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Our investment platform has seasoned investors, founders, and operators with intricate knowledge and expertise in the startup ecosystem of frontier markets....

We pride ourselves on our ability to partner with and support startups in Pakistan, equipping them with the resources to reach their potential. We have a keen eye for identifying opportunities that have the power to disrupt industries and create real-world impact.

Our comprehensive suite of services covers all aspects of startup development, including product ideation, fundraising, partnership building, networking, and more.

Welcome To Zayn Venture Capital

Zayn Venture Capital (Zayn.VC) is a leading investment platform revolutionizing Pakistan’s startup ecosystem. Under the guidance of the highly seasoned Venture Capitalist Faisal Aftab, Zayn Venture Capital is dedicated to providing startups with the necessary resources and capital to drive growth and long-term success. At the core of Zayn Venture Capital’s investment strategy is the Zayn.VC BitRate Fund, a Venture Capital Fund designed to identify and support the most promising startups in Pakistan. This innovative fund provides startups with the financial resources they require to translate their vision into a reality. By drawing on an intimate understanding of the unique and multifaceted challenges confronting startups in Pakistan, Zayn Venture Capital is committed to helping founders effectively scale their businesses.



Capital, Experience and Impact


Exchange of value protocols will be at the center of disruption and technology adoption this decade. Our investment focus is on technology platforms and marketplaces that capture offline economic activity, eventually becoming the use-case for payment and fintech platforms. Frontier markets like Pakistan, will leap-frog in GDP growth as the informal economy is captured in technology platforms and marketplaces.

Drivers: smartphone adoption, access to data, regulatory


As experienced local partners, we help connect global capital and investor interest to high-quality startup investment opportunities.

We invest in the future, backing bold founders.

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